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Flyx Technologies is a virtual reality agency dedicated to creating beautiful, memorable experiences and enabling brands to connect with their audiences in new and unique ways.

Established in 2015, we have extensive in-house capabilities to include AR/VR engineering, and system integration to cater the corporate and private sector in various industry.

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Prepare to teleport and get immersed into a world beyond your wildest dreams to create your ultimate universe! Experienced an unprecedented level of interactivity.

Inject the element of 3D product models into your web site and let your consumers view and manipulate a product from every angle! Perfect for real estate, automotive and sports.

Provide trainees with precise, realistic simulations of what they may experience in the field. Ideal for teaching, oil and gas, professional sports, medicine, mining, construction, and the military.

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We’re fiercely proud of our work, but even prouder of the success of our clients.Results powered by engaging their customers with beautiful, immersive VR branding experiences

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