At The Frontlines of Innovation

Flyx Technologies is a virtual reality agency dedicated to creating beautiful, memorable experiences and enabling brands to connect with their audiences in new and unique ways.

Established in 2015, we have extensive in-house capabilities to include AR/VR engineering, and system integration to cater the corporate and private sector in various industry.

Services & Solutions

VR / AR Hardware and
Software Solution

VR hardware rental and sale, and
content development.

Full-fledged Back-end
Platform Development

Expertise service platform that connected endpoints
on the front-line of your system.

Simulation & Serious Game

Each virtual reality project is a unique,
custom designed immersive experience.

Gesture-based Input
Device Integration

Custom-built tools and a VR application
to create an unprecedented immersive
VR experience.

Projection Mapping

An exciting projection technique that uses
specialized software and technologies to warp/blend
projected images so they fit perfectly on irregularly-shaped screens.

Consultancy & Training

Work with a team of experienced and dedicated
professionals, highly trained in new technologies
and the most advanced capabilities.

Clients & Partners

We’re fiercely proud of our work, but even prouder of the success of our clients. Results powered by engaging their customers with beautiful, immersive VR branding experiences


We approach each VR project from both visual and sensory aspects
to create a fully immersive experience for our viewers.

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